A Few Hacks to Make Sure You Get a Workout In

1. Create a playlist that gets you going.

With all of the music applications available now like Spotify you can now create your own playlist. Think about this. Is the music you typically listen to music that will really motivate you to get through that workout? I personally listen to music when I workout that I sincerely only play when I am working out. Whatever you need, create it. That way, you are ready to hit play. Do not have the time to create one? Not to worry! Many applications now also have curated workout playlists.

Girl listen to music
Create a playlist that get you going.

2. Kill two birds with one stone.

Feel like you can kill two birds with one stone? Press that play button on a podcast or audio book. On those days when I am feeling the most unmotivated to move my body, I can still manage to get a walk around the neighborhood. Especially when I have a great audio book or podcast to listen to. At Enfinite Eva we love listening to the Mind Body Green podcast.

3. Sign up for a class ahead of time!

Nothing like scheduling a class through a program like Class Pass or a yoga session at your neighborhood studio to keep you accountable.

4. Find yourself a workout buddy.

Working out is always more fun with a friend. It not only keeps you more accountable but the workouts can be so much more fun.

Women working out together.
Find yourself a workout buddy.

5. Have some Coffee, tea, or a mushroom elixir.

These are all great to give you the boost of energy that you will need to get that pep in your step. At Enfinite Eva we love the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixr’s. These are also great for those who are not consuming caffeine.